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Liamme is an experienced Osteopath who has several years of clinical experience along with working in the public healthcare system. Liamme's journey to become an Osteopath was by means of managing his sporting injuries and rehabilitation through Osteopathic treatments. He enjoys the hands-on approach in combination with skeletal manipulation that comes with Osteopathic treatments along with collaborating with patient's to find the root cause of their pain, injury or discomfort.


He has a strong understanding of the human body's anatomy and physiology and how this can impact patient's lives on a daily basis. Since graduating from RMIT University, Liamme has undertaken post- graduate training in Strength and Conditioning along with adding extra techniques to his tool kit such as Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping. Liamme has experience treating a variety of patients; ranging from children, to athletes and to the elderly population. 

A typical treatment with Liamme will feature a thorough case history which is paired with a specific treatment and rehabilitation program, ensuring the best long term health and well-being outcomes. 

Liamme Cardinal Osteopath

Liamme specialises in treating shoulder injuries, chronic low back pain, headaches or migraines and sporting injuries. Whether it's acute pain or pain that has been lingering for years, Liamme strives to formulate an accurate treatment program which can be followed and maintained leading to a positive and long term therapeutic relationship between himself and his patient's. Outside of the clinic, Liamme enjoys keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. He enjoys training at the gym or playing competitive basketball.

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