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Oliver Warburton - Remedial Massage Therapist

Oliver brings his empathy and care for his clients into each treatment session through a thorough holistic verbal and physical assessment including emotional stressors that play a big part in the body’s physical presentation of pain and tension.


Whether you are an office worker or athlete or anywhere in-between, Oliver provides effective relief and progressive improvement to symptoms and underlying causes of many common structural issues. Oliver has a passion for education, both his own and that of his clients and equipping his clients with the knowledge to correct both posture and biomechanics sees that his clients progress towards better movement patterns and pain free life that they are looking for.

Oliver Warburton Remedial Massage Therapist

Oliver has experience treating all kinds of clients, from children to grandparents and the LGBTIQA+ community and is sex worker positive. He has a sound understanding of the needs of neurodiverse, people suffering from anxiety and mood disorders and people on the Autism spectrum. His empathetic approach sees his clients made very comfortable through his disarming nature and very friendly and honest approach to communication and gaining a real understanding of the whole picture. The biopsychosocial aspects of clients' experience are always considered and form part of their treatment method.


Having a passion for health and fitness himself, many of the dysfunctions he treats he has experienced at some stage in his life and fully understands the debilitating nature of these afflictions. Tennis or golfers elbow, lower back and hip instability, Sciatic nerve pain referrals, neck and shoulder tension from weightlifting and the stress of modern life are but a few of the areas Oliver has endured and has intimate knowledge of effective treatments.


Oliver likes to blend his techniques to provide both an effective remedial treatment for your specific problem, coupled with elements of relaxation that have a systemic effect on calming your nervous system and whole body, leaving you both pain free and relaxed and in high spirits when you leave his treatment room.


Oliver enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction with a keen interest in neuroscience, personal development, strength and fitness, nutrition and psychology. He is a musician of 25 years and has a love of music and literature, film and the arts.


Book a session with him today and see for yourself the healing benefits remedial massage can bring you.

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