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Tim Singh is a passionate and dedicated Myotherapist committed to helping people find joy in movement. With a Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy from Endeavour College of Natural Health, Tim brings extensive clinical experience gained over the year in clinic.

With a strong focus on orthopedic assessment and customised treatment plans, Tim has worked with a diverse range of clients, including athletes, children, seniors, and individuals with chronic pain and pain processing disorders like fibromyalgia and central sensitisation. His practice is grounded in a deep understanding of pain mechanisms and a commitment to educating clients on the benefits of physical health.


Tim's approach combines various modalities, such as dry needling (Dommerholt and Gunn's theories), exercise therapy, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilizations (Mulligan's and Maitland's), cupping, myofascial release, taping, and soft tissue massage. He excels in creating personalised exercise programs, regressing, progressing, and adapting cues to meet each client's unique needs.


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With a background in strength training, Tim has a keen interest in resistance training and its role in promoting physical well-being. He believes that everyone can find joy in movement, whether through kickboxing, rock climbing, or gardening, and strives to be a warm and welcoming presence that encourages and motivates his clients.

Tim is registered with Myotherapy Association Australia and holds current certifications in first aid, occupational health and safety and working with children. He is eager to join a multidisciplinary team where he can continue to develop his skills and contribute to enhancing patient outcomes through innovative approaches.

Book in with Tim today for a Myotherapy Remedial Massage session.

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